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We are

We are Alessio and Federico, two craftsmans bounded by a strong friendship, that in 1995 founded TP EDILE S.R.L., a building company specialized in structural and indoor renovation, energy refurbishmentand home automation.

The company’s name is a symbol of our long friendship, in fact “TP” is the union of our nickname’s initials; when we were little boys, Federico was called Titty, a nickname passed down through generations in his family. Whereas Alessio was called Perla (italian word for pearl), because he was really good at playing football in the parish field, and his skill make him a precious pearl to play with the same team.

In the years the company grows up, focused on the outdoor and indoor renovation, in short time receives a lot of work both in the countryside of Bologna, in the area called Colli Bolognesi (hills), both in the city centre; today TP EDILE works everywhere in Italy.

The work of Alessio and Federico is characterized by three factors:

1- the customer-satisfaction oriented approach to the projects handled, always preceded by an accurate examination of the involvedstructures;

2- the expertise acquired in years;

3-  the high quality building materials used.

TP EDILE takes advantage of the professional partnership with surveyors and specialists, they work as consultants to help and to orientate the customers during the projects and the works.

This website is another brick we use to build a closer and more dynamic relationship with our actual and potential customers.

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