Building consultancy

TP Edile makes sure their clients are cared for by providing the best consultants for their needs, such as a surveyor, architect or an expert technician with the know-how to manage the development of the project right from the design stage, advising not only on materials and best solutions but also on the best tools to adopt to comply with current regulations, both environmental and legal, while obtaining tax deductions.

Tax deductions and energy efficiency upgrades

We provide free consultation on how to benefit from current tax deduction legislation: 50% on building renovations, 65% on energy efficiency upgrades, up to 85% for earthquake proofing.

We strive to find specific solutions to meet the required energy efficiency upgrade of your premises to reach an improved efficiency - limiting energy consumption and reducing pollutant emissions are the two main objectives because we believe it’s important to use energy in the right way. Among the most frequent choices:

  • improvement of thermal insulation, also by replacing windows (and frames), flooring and coverings;
  • installation of solar panels;
  • replacement of winter air conditioning system (furnace) and water heater;
  • installation of solar shading;
  • Purchasing and installation of multimedia devices (domotics): remote control heating systems.

Energy certification and system certification

We deal with all the paperwork for the certificate of compliance of all systems as well as for energy efficiency if required:

  • D.Lgs (legislative decree) 192 of 19/08/2005 Basic law regarding Energy Certification
  • DM (ministerial decree) of 26/06/2009 National guideline for energy certification of buildings

European directive

  • Directive 2002/91/EC
  • Directive 2009/28/EC
  • Directive 2010/31/EU EPBD Energy Performance Building Directive

Building related permits

We look after the preparation and issuing of all permits necessary to the competent offices for carrying out the renovation (Scia, Cil, etc.)