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We like sports, especially those that become a tool for social inclusion. We support activities and sports people who have made the decision to use their talent and passion to promote sports for people with disabilities.

Appuntamento con la mototerapia e il freestyle di Daboot il 30 aprile 2022 a Loiano. E il 1 maggio si raddoppia con l'evento di BFC Senza Barriere a Osteria Grande.

Massimo Bianconcini, the FMX star

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He is a member of the DaBoot Crew team and a professional Freestyle motocross rider and a 5-time world champion in the high jump. He won a silver and bronze medal at the XGames in Austin Texas in 2015 and 2016 respectively and succeeded in winning the bronze again the following year at the XGames in Minneapolis. He currently holds the world record for the motocross high jump: 11.5 metres off the ground. Beyond being a sports champion, he’s also one in life as he has been involved in moto-therapy, working with people with disabilities and victims of spinal cord injuries; he is a member of Riders4Riders NPO.

Massimo Bianconci mototerapia
Massimo Bianconci TP Edile sponsor
Massimo Bianconcini freestyle

Bologna FC Without Barriers and EDU In-Forma (Zione)

Bologna FC has always been our favourite team and needless to say, football is our great passion. We love the bonding amongst the spectators that team sports create. We have long been proud to sponsor our friends in Edu-In Forma(Zione), a football school that brings together boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 25 with disabilities who love sports. The goal of the school is precisely to use sport as a means to achieve greater psycho-physical well-being and to overcome social exclusion. On April 2018 EDU In-Forma(Zione) crowned the BFC Without Barriers project, effectively becoming a section of the Bologna Football Club outfitted with jerseys and official technical equipment of Bologna FC.