modern renovation of a flat in Bologna

Interior renovations in Bologna

TP Edile is specialized in turn key renovations in Bologna city and province. Consolidated experience in both exterior and interior renovations for apartments, villas, condominiums and historical buildings; from masonry work to electrical and plumbing systems, coverings, flooring and decorations, doors and windows; with a keen eye on innovative solutions, new materials and energy saving.

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Kitchen renovations

The kitchen space is the heart of a home, and its renovation to make it more modern and functional requires good organization. We will assist with the planning and the spatial and functional layout of the furnishings and lighting, to optimize delivery times of materials and to organize the job as quickly as possible, keeping your discomfort down to a minimum.

Enhancing the “contouring” environment can make a major difference in a new kitchen, even if on a limited budget, by using decorations, coverings and plasterboard elements that can enhance by a simple change of furniture and appliances.

bathroom remodeling in Bologna: mosaic shower cabin detail

Bathroom remodeling

The most frequent request we get is to make the bathroom look more stylish and modern. Old fashioned bathrooms are often squeezed into small, uncomfortable spaces, with outdated bathroom suites or worse, unsightly tiles, which make you cringe every time you walk in.

Often the problem with an outdated bathroom is not just an aesthetic issue – breakages and eventual leakages in condominiums can cause damage which ends up costing more than replacing the whole system…something to keep in mind when dealing with buildings over 30 years old.

The ideal situation when dealing with a total bathroom renovation is teamwork, one team working together on all phases:

  • demolition, removal and disposal
  • installation of a new system
  • patching and finishings
  • tiling and flooring
  • bathroom suite installation

interior design

What distinguishes one company from another is being committed to working together with the client to choose and discuss customized details which will make the renovation unique. Light lines for false ceilings, suspended panels, plasterboard niches: even the smallest spaces can be enhanced (and made functional) by applying solutions that you wouldn’t have imagined yourself. That’s our goal, to make you to see your home in a different light and work together on making it happen.

On request, we can arrange to move and store your furniture during construction

We lay all types of coverings (stoneware, wood flooring, micro-cement, ceramic) and apply several different painting techniques.

We do not use low cost materials. We choose components which have the best quality/cost ratio guaranteeing a high-quality job that will last.

Renovating occupied spaces always creates some inconvenience. We are committed to keeping our presence down to the minimum required and making sure we always leave the construction site as clean as possible.

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