modern renovation of a flat in Bologna

Electrical wiring and bathroom suites in Bologna

A complete turn-key renovation means we also take care of the makeover of systems, to replace them with high energy efficiency solutions. We can integrate your lighting, safety and climate control system with home automation technology to guarantee a high standard of comfort, savings and greater added value to your property.

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Electrical Wiring

According to regulation CEI 64-8 the sizing of the electrical system (electrical load for each home) is determined by the area: up to 75 the system must be sized for at least 3kW of power; for areas over 75 it must be sized for least 6kW of power.

For new electrical systems, the regulation also sets three quality levels: minimum, medium and high, based on equipment and standard of comfort. We often make recommendations related to the number of thermal magnetic circuit breakers: although the minimum standard calls for sub-dividing the system into only 2 lines (light and power), we recommend a greater subdivision by using a higher number of thermal magnetic circuit breakers. By spending a little extra, you are more likely to make fewer trips to the electrical panel….by candlelight!

We take care of all your plant engineering needs, including CCTV systems, LAN networks, sound diffusion systems, fire alarm systems, gate and door automation.

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Plumbing and sanitary installations

For bathroom renovations, other than a makeover of the flooring, coverings and sanitary ware, it’s worth taking plumbing remodelling into consideration especially in buildings over 30 years old; insulating the pipes has a double advantage: it avoids heat loss (from hot water pipes) and condensation (along cold water pipes) which leads to humidity problems in walls and screeds.