modern renovation of a flat in Bologna

Exterior renovations in Bologna

Roofs and facades are the main protection of your home, keeping them in good condition is essential for the safeguard of the entire structure, giving advantages in terms of stability and safety. Beyond doing maintenance work, for older buildings a good strategy is to work on the insulation to save on energy costs.

T.P. Edile has been working on the exterior of homes in Bologna for 25 years! We do structural reinforcements, roof replacements, terrace and balcony waterproofing, remediation of mouldy walls as well as full restorations of facades, shadowing systems, thermal acoustic and external wall insulation.

Roof replacement

How important is a good roof over your head? A great deal given the important role it plays in home insulation and ventilation. Based on the type of roof (either sloping or flat) and attic (liveable or non) the best insulation choice will be made for your home. If a new roof needs to be built in wood or bricks, we can take care of the design and the right sizing of the beams.

We also do maintenance and renovations to repair waterproofing and structures, removal and replacement of roof tiles, as well as sheet metal work and gutter replacement.

terrace waterproofing in Bologna

Terrace waterproofing

Does your old terrace create problems with the neighbours? Does the ruined flooring spoil the pleasure of your outdoor space? Repairing terraces is one of the most frequent jobs we do in well as balconies, stairs or other outdoor spaces which can lose their waterproofing protection and cause major damage (cracks, detachment of plaster, rust).

We’ve treated rising damp even on heritage homes in the historical centre; in some cases, there is no need to demolish or remove the flooring of balconies and terraces thanks to polyurethane based waterproofing.

slab reinforcement in Bologna

Slab reinforcement

Most old buildings were not built to be earthquake resistant and the slab is subject to vibrations or excessive deformation making it a weak point that needs to be addressed.
Once assessment has been carried out, the mechanical capacity of the beams (determined by an expert) and the live loads, for consolidating the attic slab our procedure consists in:

  • connecting the masonry walls and the slab (vertical and horizontal elements) to increase resistance given by the box behavior of masonry structures (the joists in old homes are often not secured);
  • through static reinforcement of the horizontal plane to increase the load-bearing capacity.

Tax incentives can be applied to interior and exterior renovations - you can consult our advisors to get better insight regarding tax deductions.

Contact TP Edile for your needs and through our consultants we will give you support and assistance to deal with your paperwork.